2: When God Answers!

Tuesday, 8 September


I must be an abnormal woman, both in eastern and western cultures for not prioritizing marriage as an ultimate life goal. I have seen articles written about women like me – ‘The New Species of Alpha Women’ – who choose their careers over love and their biological responsibilities of pro-creating to further humanity.

But for me, it has never been about prioritizing one over the other.

My career comes naturally to me. This ambition that makes me want to strive to be the best I can and the drive that makes me feel accomplished at the end of every single day. I was born with it. It’s a passion, a form of self-love and a confidence booster that has me hooked, and I keep going back for more and more.

The only thing better than this is REAL love – something I haven’t felt in years, and after having my heart completely broken once, it is something I have never consciously chased after again.

Yes, I suppose I am a coward but if I were to marry though, it would only be for love and not because any culture expects it of me.

I wish I could get this across to my mother, who is still on my case about Nilesh!

The idea of such an arranged marriage makes me SHUDDER and I am truly worried this timemy mother had never been so PERSISTENT about past proposals before (and YES it IS the DOCTOR factor!)

This time she even has my father on her side!


It feels like it’s me against the world right now, and I just can’t give them a reason to satisfy them!

The fact that I DON’T WANT TO should be reason enough – but apparently, it’s not!

I need to find a solution to this FAST, before I get roped into it like Lily.


Thursday, 10 September

Part 2

They say that if you prey hard enough, god answers and I am now a believer!

Following another heated argument with my mother last night (I bet you can’t guess what about?) I woke up this morning with the world’s worst headache.

For the first time in a year I actually considered calling in sick – only to realize that it would mean being stuck at home with my mother all day. And the fact that I was feeling rotten would’ve had no impact on her persistence and constant nagging about the subject of my marriage.

Yes, I was definitely better off at work.

At around 11am, after two doses of Nurofen, my headache FINALLY began to settle, and my manager Patricia popped her head around my partition.

“Are you free for an hour or so?”, she asked.

“Sure”, I replied. “What’s up?”

“We’ve got some visitors from Macquarie Bank and I need some help entertaining”, she said.

The remnants of my headache meant that I was still in no state to socialize – but it’s hard to say no to the boss so I tagged along with her to the café where we were supposed to meet them.

Rimiii!” I heard the familiar voice call my name even before I saw her.

Yeon-Hee!”, I smiled as I spotted my old university friend sitting at the table we were approaching.

I hadn’t seen her since we graduated. Being an international student from Korea, she had gone back to Seoul almost immediately after the ceremony and that was seven years ago.

“You two know each other?” Patricia looked at me suspiciously.

“We’re old uni friends”, I explained.

“Hi, I’m Yeon-Hee”, Yeon-Hee introduced herself to Patricia before introducing her accompanying associate Mr. Joon-Yu Park to both of us.

At first, we talked a bit about Perth and the weather, before broaching work related subjects. Both Yeon-Hee and Mr. Park seemed to be very interested about my work and opinions on the financial markets.

We stayed at the cafe for about an hour before I gave Yeon-Hee my mobile number and we parted ways.

“Strange”, Patricia said as we walked back down St Georges Terrace towards our building. “If I didn’t know better that almost sounded like an interview. Maybe they’re head hunting”.

“I hope they are”, I teased. “Then maybe you and I could negotiate another pay rise”.

She stopped walking and turned around to look at me. “If they are head hunting, and for the position I am suspecting, then Rimi, not as your boss but as a mentor and friend, I would advise you to take it. It would be a wonderful opportunity to step up further and use your skills”.

Did I ever mention that I’m very lucky to have such a supportive boss?

It turns out Patricia was right.

Yeon-Hee called me around 5pm and asked to meet her at the Lobby Bar in the Duxton Hotel. She was waiting there with Mr. Park who was holding a large envelope that contained the employment contract.

Reading it, I understand why Patricia told me to take it – the pay is double what I am making right now, and I would be managing a team of my own – it is an extremely impressing offer.

An offer I am planning to take!